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If you want to ask us questions about Manila (or things not yet displayed on our site), then please be adviced that we get so many requests, that we can not reply to such requests. However we consider each response and might include it later. Rather use our forum where other Filipinos might be able to reply to your questions.

If you want to contribute with a suggestion, some information or to submit some photos taken in Manila, we appreciate them very much.
However we do only accept information, maps and photos that noone else has a copyright on, or if you yourself have taken the photo or written the information and want to submit it to be used on and any other site controlled by Martin Reinert.
We will be happy to post your name adjacent to the photo or piece of text as our token of appreciation for the photo or information. Photos must be clear, in focus and not too dark. Photos of a personal nature will not be used.
Aside from photos of personal nature we accept almost all photos, as long as there is a description of up to 30 words with it and the location of where it was taken.

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