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Please submit materials to Tourist.PH

Be part of the Tourist.PH project by submitting photos, info & maps to Tourist.PH
We welcome YOU to contribute with a suggestion, some information or to submit photos taken in The Philippines, we appreciate them very much.
When we say "the Philippines" we mean ANY area that you have photos of. It can be your hometown, your province or where you studied or worked or just any place that you visited in the Philippines. Further down the page are more details about what kind of photos we are especially interested in.

Important about copyright
Many suggest that we take photos from another website, postcard or brochoure, but such materials usually have copyrights (even it is not written). We ONLY accept information, maps and photos with out copyright on.
We will use photos taken personally by the people who submit to us or given by publishers, businesses, organizations and governmental powers, who hold the copyright of submitted materials.
If you yourself have taken the photo(s) or written the information (your experience in certain place) and want to submit and donate it to be used on Tourist.PH and any other site or media controlled by Martin Reinert we will be happy to receive it. We might not use all photos or material submitted immediately, as we reserve the right not to publish material sent to us or to do so later.

We want to post your name adjacent to the photo or piece of text as our token of appreciation for the photo, map or information.

Details about the Photos we want.
Quality: Photos must be clear, in focus and not too dark. The object of attention is the main item of each photo.
Photos of a personal nature will NOT be used.

With exception of photos of personal nature, we accept almost all photos, as long as:

  1. a description of up to max 30 words comes with it and
  2. the location of where it was taken
    (in this order: location/street, city, province & zip) and
  3. it is clear, in focus and not too dark (except photos of skylines or a city at night).

Photos of interest can be taken of:

  • Your city
  • Your province
  • tourist destinations
  • beaches
  • beautiful places
  • parks
  • monuments
  • famous (and less famous) buildings
  • bridges and roads and roadcrossings
  • churches
  • architecture
  • historical places
  • the harbour,
  • the bay
  • buildings and skyline or over the city
  • famous street names (photo of the streets)
  • markets
  • people at work
  • people in the streets
  • people at the market
  • poor people,
  • rich people
  • where the rich live
  • where the poor live
  • houses
  • fields
  • mountains
  • forrests
  • rivers
  • All transportation means:
  • cars
  • jeepneys
  • try-cycles
  • horse-wagons
  • train
  • airport
  • bus centrals
  • taxis
  • shops
  • hotels
  • guesthouses
  • fruits
  • vegitables
  • animals
  • fishes
  • birds
  • insects
  • plants
  • trees
  • undersea photos

    ... anything else you find the slightest interesting or you are in doubt of, if we might be interested in it, just send photo(s) of it too.

    Please send the photos and documents to:
    submit-photos @ tourist .PH

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